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Get ready to be inspired! Singing is a joyful, fulfilling experience, and I've spent most of my life helping others gain the confidence and skill to begin enjoying their own voice.  One of my biggest secrets for success as a teacher is my ability to genuinely inspire and motivate you to want to improve, work, and achieve your own goals, while still working within a proven structure of exercises, techniques, and repertoire. Let's do this together!

Annie and student in a singing lesson

One On One Instruction

Every lesson takes place at Annie’s teaching studio in Toronto’s west-end. Focused, customized coaching to help you achieve your goals and keep you inspired!

Beautiful views of the park, easy TTC access, and a bright cheerful space.

Annie Bonsignore teaching a vocal lesson in Toronto

Guaranteed Improvement

My focus is to identify your greatest areas of potential, and focus on exercises and repertoire that will improve them the fastest.  Once you hear and feel yourself progressing, you'll be motivated to continue improving! 

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Staying motivated

Leave each lesson feeling great, with lots of reasons to want to practice and improve for the next lesson.

  • personalized practice tracks
  • clear written instructions on what to
  • work towards fun bi-monthly recitals,
  • interesting personal recording projects!


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Meet The teacher

Maintaining my teaching studio has always been an important musical part of my life. If you’re ready to improve your voice, whether a total beginner or a seasoned professional, I'm ready to customize a plan that will give you the success and confidence you've been looking for. 

I come from a long line of teachers and mentors, and it’s always been a part of what I consider as being a whole musician – passing along what I’ve learned, and helping people grow. Even as my recording career took off in South Africa, I still insisted on keeping teaching as a part of my life. 

It’s hard to believe that it’s been 20 years now, having logged over 14,000 hours of teaching time. And I continue to love the process, and seek new challenges for both myself and my students.


Annie has been teaching for over 20 years, in public and private schools, one-on-one coaching, as well as online. Her experience at keeping people inspired and immediately honing in on areas of improvement are what has made her successful as an educator and mentor


From South Africa to New York to Toronto, Annie’s vocal talents have lead to a lifetime of success and accolades. Allow her to craft your voice with exactly the same techniques which have helped her along the way.


Annie’s experience with pop, folk, country, classical/opera, and jazz means that you can focus on the repertoire that’s going to inspire you and keep you motivated to continue!

Hear from some of my students!







“Annie is an incredibly gifted singer with an uncanny ability to hear where you need improvement. She teaches in the most loving manner – heads and shoulders above the blunt (and scary) music teachers I’ve had in the past. I haven’t just vastly improved my singing ability over the past year, but learned things about myself — truly “finding my voice.” 5/5 stars”

“You will not get a better vocal coach than Annie. She focuses completely on what needs to be done to help you to open and expand your vocal abilities. I can’t commend Annie enough for all the she has done to help me improve, gain confidence and increasing my command of my voice. Annie you are the best!”

“Besides being a beautiful soul, Annie is the best at what she does. I have been taking lessons with her for only 4 months now and she has already managed to unlock areas in my voice that I never knew I owned. She helped me widen my range and gain control over my voice, and she’ll always give you 110% during a lesson. Be assured that you will get the best of the best training with Annie!”